Movies I Love, Movies I Hate: Sam Neill

Over on Facebook, there’s a new meme going around that asks users to take an actor and name a movie (featuring said actor) that they love, like, hate, and hate to love. (Individually, of course. Not all at once.) William Bibbiani, film chief at Crave Online, was good enough to assign me Sam Neill.

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Man of Steel: A Spoiler-Filled Review

In this SPOILER-FILLED review, I look at Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman legend and try to place it in the larger context of moviemaking today.

Comics fans need to stop looking for their Lord of the Rings in the mind of Christopher Nolan. I’ll come back to that idea later, but first let’s look at Zack Snyder’s grim, bloody and — most important — cold new movie, Man of Steel.

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s a Hick?! Talking About Accents in Acting

My Internetting revealed to me this morning that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, aka Jaime Lannister, played one of the Deltas in Black Hawk Down. If you want to hear the multilingual actor doing a country-redneck accent, check out the video below.

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How to Fix The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

CC2K’s Tony Lazlo imagines how George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel trilogy could have rocked.

When I left the theater after seeing Attack of the Clones, I was already pissed off and devastated. I felt this way because the movie sucked, and even if the then-untitled third episode was a perfect, sloppy, wet blowjob of a success, two-thirds of the new Star Wars trilogy would still suck.

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Fortune, Glory and Fathers: Why Temple of Doom is the Best

Source: CC2K

An essay ostensibly arguing that Temple of Doom is the best Indiana Jones movie, but which veers into a larger analysis of the trilogy and the Indiana Jones character

Let’s talk theme. Ideally, a great movie should be about something great, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom — like Aliens — is a sequel that tops the original, and it tops Raiders of the Lost Ark not because it’s a bigger, grander movie, but because it goes to a dark, scary and different place to explore a worthy theme: parenthood.

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A Look Back at the Batman Movies

CC2K’s Tony Lazlo offers us one of his insanely long and detailed examinations of a major movie series. This time it’s Batman.

A look back through the six modern-era Batman movies yields some unexpected results, including the revelations that Batman Forever isn’t as bad as I remember, that The Dark Knight isn’t as good as I remember, and that Batman & Robin is good for one thing: reminding me how much I like the 1960s TV series.

And finally, that Batman Returns just might be the best damn one of them all.

Those statements may shock you, but I encourage you to keep reading.

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Arresto Momentum: A Look Back at the Harry Potter Series

CC2K’s Tony Lazlo brings you another unwieldy recap of a major movie series. This time, it’s Harry Potter — with a look back at the books, too!


My friends and geek confidantes are all familiar with the trajectory of my relationship with the Harry Potter books: It tracks a deteriorating orbit from the stratosphere of delight back down to earth. Oddly enough, down to earth is exactly where the latest Potter film, Deathy Hallows, part 1 (hereafter HP7.1) needed to go to work on any level.

Which it does. Work, I mean — on some levels, at least — and not surprisingly, the penultimate Potter movie includes a roll-call of previous actors and images from the long-running series, all of which made me look back wistfully over my own experience ingesting (and sometimes inhaling) the Potter books and movies over the last 10 years. Here follows yet another overlong recap of a major literary or cinematic series, but in this case, I plan to include a measure more cultural memory than I usually do.

And don’t worry — I’ll keep my personal anecdotes brief, and I will deliver a review of HP7.1 in all this mess.

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